Criminal Justice · Police Violence · Poverty · Racism

Important News

Scary Negroes with Guns

“We must remain vulnerable and look helpless, and when we are abused it’s perceived as our own fault. Guns in black hands are seen as a threat to white supremacy unless they are used to fight its wars to protect its property.”

Getting Dumped On: Snowmaggedon, Women’s Health and Human Rights

“All over the world, women bear the worst brunt of a degraded environment. As  UNFPA explains, women are disproportionately affected by global environmental hazards. Women are the majority of those who stretch the family budget when income is disrupted, take care of family members when they can’t afford or access formal healthcare, and walk farther to gather and carry water or firewood. All over the world, women’s resources and health are taxed by such burdens. These hardships exacerbate violations of human rights including the rights to health, an adequate standard of living, and gender equality.”

Gov. Rauner Proposes Large Cuts to Medicaid

“Governor Rauner is looking to cut $1.5 billion from Medicaid. That includes dental services and some mental health services for individuals. But it also cuts more than $700 million in hospital funding. ”

No to Prison Industrial Complex: San Francisco’s Trans Community Responds to Brutal Murders

“The ineffectiveness of increased sentences as a deterrent, along with many indicators that show that the prison system is one of the primary perpetrators of violence against trans women of color, have brought Stanley to assert that “It’s not until we let go of our deep attachment to the US justice system as an arbiter of redress that we can begin to ask what we want and need.”

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