Police Violence · Racism

They are the Police

Note: This was originally written in February of 2014. The below sentence really stuck with me, so I just wanted to jot down my quick thoughts.

“white people are not simply protected by the police, they are the police”-frank wilderson

@tnopper posted this on twitter today: “deputized agnst those who do magnetize bullets..White ppl are not simply ‘protected’ by the police, they *are* the police” -Frank Wilderson.

Michael Dunn is on trial for the murder of Jordan Davis. He shot into the car Jordan was in with 3 friends because he claimed Jordan pulled out a gun after a confrontation over him and his friends playing loud music. Michael Dunn is white and Jordan Davis was black. As of right now, the majority white jury is deliberating over whether to convict Michael Dunn of 1st degree murder.

The concept of white people not only being protected by the police, but that they are the police, or maybe said more accurately, they have the same power and authority as police, makes so much sense. Blackness is constructed as inherently criminal, dangerous, threatening, illegitimate; meaning all white people are invested with the power to surveil, police and “justifiably” murder Black people, in order to protect white supremacy. We have seen this over and over since the founding of this country.

Frank B. Wilderson, III is a writer, critical theorist, filmmaker and dramatist.  His book, Incognegro, a Memoir of Exile and Apartheid, won the 2008 American Book Award. In this interview: http://imixwhatilike.org/2014/10/01/frankwildersonandantiblackness-2/ he discusses police violence within the context of anti-blackness

Note: The paragraph below I originally wrote on February 21, 2014

Michael Dunn was convicted on attempted murder of the other teens in the car with Jordan Davis but a mistrial was declared on the 1st degree murder charge. i don’t really know what to say. This isn’t justice. even if he was convicted on 1st degree murder, it still wouldn’t be true justice. I’m conflicted in saying that, because for Jordan Davis’s family, the American legal system finding Michael Dunn guilty for the murder of their son is the only justice that’s available to them; I don’t want to trivialize or deny that reality. At the same time, the legal system that inflicts violence on Black people cannot simultaneously provide justice for us. Sentencing Michael Dunn to prison does not change the fact that white supremacy structures our society and constructs blackness as deviant, criminal, and threatening. True justice is the destruction of white supremacy, and that entails the tearing down of our current legal and economic systems; we have to create whole new ways of being and whole new systems. Who knows if this will ever happen, but there are plenty of people in the U.S. and around the world who are imagining, creating, and living new worlds that don’t rely on racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, normative gender roles, patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy.



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