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The past year has seen the proliferation of conversations concerning cultural appropriation, specifically in regards to White rappers. The stardom of Iggy Azalea and Macklemore, whom many hip hop fans regard as mediocre at best, seems to have hit a nerve among a lot of people, me included. It’s hard to watch the Iggys and Macklemores of the world gain fame, when you know of hip hop artists who would go so far if they had access to the same investment in their work.

Instead of another think piece on Iggy, I want to highlight the work of talented female hip hop artists. In addition to offering much needed critical analysis on cultural appropriation, we need to support the artists who we claim to love so much, by buying their music, attending their shows, and telling others about them. Below are five female hip hop artists who make good music and deserve your listen and support.

Tink-Chicagoan on the verge of stardom

Dutch Rebelle-Boston’s rising star

Asia Sparks-Philly rapper hard-core lyrics and female empowerment

Nitty Scott, MC-Indie, Brooklyn-based emcee

Mystic-Veteran, Socially-conscious Cali emcee

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