Links Roundup

Links Roundup

Rewriting History Won’t Save the NYPD-“Power is really a performance,” she said. “It isn’t just something you do; it’s something you perform to look powerful. It appears that the NYPD is trying to perform this narrative of power; what happened was this, this, and this.”

The Reason People Blame Tragic Violence on Peaceful Protestors-“The myth of black violence is promoted every time people of color unite to critically challenge the state,” Bryan Epps, Executive Director of The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center, told Mic. “Media and some representatives in government have historically worked together to diffuse the achievements of peaceful social justice activists by calling individuals brutes, snipers and now thugs. This tradition of dismantling progressive action is a type of violence in itself.”

The Celebration is Over, but Selma is Still Poor-“The fight for our urban areas and quality education in America’s inner cities is the new front line of the battle for equal justice. Our political leaders need to show us some courage by awarding these cities enough funding to make a difference.”

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