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Color of Violence 4 Conference Storify

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t blogged in a few days, but this has been a hectic week. I thought being laid off would allow me some down time, but I’ve actually been pretty busy. It’s a good thing really, because my days are filled with working on projects that I enjoy, which is what I want.

As some of you may know, this weekend Chicago is hosting the Color of Violence 4 Conference, planned and coordinated by Incite Women of Color Against Violence. Over 1,600 women and trans people of color are gathering to learn and strategize against violence without utilizing the state (police, courts, laws,etc.), which is one of the biggest perpetuators of violence. Yesterday was the first day of the conference, and it was overwhelming, but also beautiful, inspiring, and empowering to be surrounded by so many awesome women and trans people from around the country. The opening plenaries yesterday evening were: Ending Gender Violence Beyond Carceral Feminisms and The Fight of Our Lives: The Criminalization of Self-Defense. The latter plenary in particular, was truly historic, as it included a panel discussion led by CeCe McDonald, Renata Hill, Marissa Alexander (who joined in through Skype) and her mom, Helen Jenkins. To have these resilient women and survivors of violence in one room, speaking to their experiences and what helped them to keep going in the face of immense violence, was just incredible.

I gathered my live-tweets from last night in the storify link below (I wanted to embed it, but I couldn’t). Sorry if it doesn’t flow very well or some things don’t make sense, as I’m not a fast typer on my phone, and I know I missed a lot. I will be creating and sharing a storify of my live-tweets for each day of the conference, to give you all a sense of the amazing-ness happening. If you’re on Twitter, I encourage you to read through the #COV4 hashtag and follow @incitenews for extensive coverage of the conference. I will be back tomorrow morning to share tweets from today’s conference. Hope you all have a great Friday!

[View the story “Day 1 of Color of Violence 4 Conference” on Storify]


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