Chicago · Color of Violence Conference · Reproductive Justice · Transformative Justice

Incite COV4 Conference Day 2 Storify

Sorry that I’m late in posting my live-tweets from yesterday’s COV4 conference sessions. I was very tired when I got home last night, and went straight to sleep. So, I attended four workshops yesterday: Organizing to Challenge Law Enforcement Violence Against Women and Trans People of Color, Breastfeeding, Incarceration and State Violence: Maternal Rights in Prison and the Criminalization of Black Mothers, The Movement to Free Marissa Alexander: A Case Study of a Legal Defense Committee, and Resisting State Violence on All Fronts: Cultivating Our Human Rights for Self-Determination. My live-tweets are from the first three listed. I decided discontinue live tweeting because I wanted to be more fully engaged with the words of the panelists and other attendees, instead of rapidly typing on my phone and missing important conversation; so there are no live-tweets from the last workshop i attended yesterday and the workshops I attended today.

Tomorrow I will provide my immediate post-COV4 thoughts and comments.


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