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Links Roundup

Powerful news and stories from around the web.

The Mother and The Whore by Juniper Fitzgerald-Trust me–a bourgeoisie “anti- trafficking” film party won’t save me from poverty, no matter how degraded you try and convince me I am. And it won’t arm me with the politically and socially radical community I need to fight the state.

Poor People Don’t Need Better Social Norms, They Need Better Social Policies: What David Brooks doesn’t understand about poverty-But to impose the easy virtue of the well-to-do on the poor is to request the most stressed and vulnerable members of society to display impossible moral heroism. To abstain from relationships, sex, and childbirth until financially secure enough to raise a child without assistance would mean, for many, a life of celibacy; to pour limited resources into education in order to score a respectable job would mean failing to make rent.

Still Choosing to Leap: Building Alternatives-Because even if we abolish prisons tomorrow, we will still need a way to deal with conflict and harm and violence. Even if violence and abuse ended tomorrow, we will still need a way to deal with the impacts of trauma (individual and collective trauma, immediate and generational trauma). Generational trauma will be with us for some time.

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