Clean Up Woman

With my mind still on Miami beaches, eclectic art and Cuban cuisine, I chose Clean Up Woman by Miami native and soul legend Betty Wright as Video of Week. We all remember  Clean Up Woman, Tonight is the Night, and No Pain No Gain right? Still based in Miami, Betty Wright has been performing since she was two years old, starting out in a gospel group with her family, then transitioning to R&B/Soul music as a teen. Her first hit single in 1968 was Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do, which was sampled by Beyonce for her hit single, Upgrade U from her 2006 B’Day album. At only 17, Betty released one of her most well-known classics, Clean Up Woman, which eventually sold over a million copies and peaked at #2 on the R&B charts. One of my favorite features of hers is her monologue on Richard “Dimples” Fields hit She’s Got Papers on Me.

In addition to her musical acumen, Betty was an entrepreneur, becoming the first Black female artist to score a gold selling album released on her own label. The album, Mother Wit, contained the hits No Pain No Gain and After the Pain. In 2011, Betty had a Grammy nominated album, Betty Wright: The Movie, produced by Questlove.

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