Originally wrote this poem sometime in November of last year.

Disappear; Synonyms: Vanish, Terminate, Cease


60 years you faced for defending yourself against an abusive husband (For Marissa)

Incarcerated for almost four years for defending yourself against racist and transphobic violence (For CeCe)


Executed by the state of George for a crime you didn’t commit (For Troy Davis)

Six bullets while you surrender ends your life (For Mike Brown)

Only spent seven years on this earth because of militarized police targeting Black communities (For Aiyana Stanley Jones)


Room to room, sidewalk to shelter to el to pantry to jail back to room & life without a home drones on

Wrong shirt, get loud, sent to principal’s office, suspended for a 3rd time, refuses to return to school that refuses to educate me

What’s yo name? You gotta man? Bitch you can’t speak? punctuates my daily walk as the world debates a white woman scared of a hello


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