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another attempt at poetry

Again, I’m going off of adrienne maree brown’s poetry prompts; this one is writing a poem in the voice of someone else, whether historical, fictional or mythical. I’m going to try and write in the voice of Billie Holiday. She was the first artist I became obsessed with; I read every biography, watched Lady Sings the Blues I don’t know many times, and spent hours listening to her music. I can’t really articulate why I connected with Billie’s life and music so much, maybe i was just inspired by how she resisted and thrived in spite of poverty, racism, and violence.

They loudly applaud after every song

Quickly down the drinks and ask for another at the after party

Unashamedly ask for money cause of the fur I wear

Money, you’ve got lots of friends, crowding round your door

When you’re gone, spending ends, they don’t come no more

I saw his face,

His distorted, bloated face,

Distorted by the white men who murdered him,

For stepping out of place,

I saw her face,

Her pained face,

Mourning the loss her beloved Emmitt

Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze

Strange fruit indeed….

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