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What is/isn’t transformative justice? at adrienne maree brown

This is a really important reflection on practicing transformative justice. There is a lot of calling out and dragging of people on social media, especially on Twitter, when someone says or does something harmful. I often try to follow some of the drama, usually just shaking my head at the foolishness of it all. Although I haven’t participated in the dragging of people, sometimes I do find it funny (especially the memes), especially if it’s a famous or well-known person who said something incredibly racist/sexist/homophobia, etc, because I don’t feel sorry for them, because they have so much privilege.

Adrienne Maree Brown’s meditation on transformative justice has me thinking differently though. None of us are born knowing about anti-blackness, transphobia, intersectionality, colonialism, etc. We’re all learning, and there has to be a better way of holding people accountable when they cause harm. I find Adrienne’s second question that she asks us to ponder, “What can I/we learn from this?” to be a really important way of getting to the root of harm and thinking of strategies to prevent further harm.

What is/isn’t transformative justice? at adrienne maree brown.

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