Activism · Police Violence · Racism

this will be short….

As usual, I was reading my Twitter timeline and I learn that a Black woman from the Black Lives Matter Seattle chapter had stormed the stage at a Bernie Sanders campaign stop. She welcomed him to Seattle, which is actually occupied Duwamish land, and asked for 4.5 minutes of silence for Mike Brown. The reaction from the mostly White crowd was disheartening but not really shocking. There were shouts of “taser em” and “get off the stage”. These are our “allies”??? To all the white people who boo BLM protestors when they challenge your fave candidate, exclaim that you no longer support BLM, and suggest that we are ruining things for ourselves, please just shut up. We are not stupid. We don’t need you dictating to us the “right” way to protest or demand change or telling us who we should be protesting instead. Black people are being murdered by the state almost on the daily, and young Black people all over this country are committing their lives to stopping it. If your “support” of BLM hinges on us doing things the way you think it should be done, then your support was never genuine.

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