Best Reads of the Week

Best Reads of the Week

I share a lot of articles on Twitter, so I will also try to highlight some of them here. These will be articles that really resonate with me and that present an angle on an issue that I think is important to make visible.

The South Got Something to Say by Jessica Lynne (A great essay that places the five year old southern hip hop party, Grits & Biscuits, in the context of the history of Black nightlife, from the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta to jazz clubs in northern cities such as NYC and Chicago. As an aside, there was an amazing small photography exhibit at Columbia College here in Chicago last year, that featured beautiful photos of Black night life on the south side in the 1970s. This book collection of the photos is on my wish list!)

A Rallying Cry for a Second Chance School: The Fight to Save Chicago State by Eve L. Ewing (Eve makes really important points that we need to support all Black students at all types of schools, not just those attending HBCUs or Ivy League schools. I hadn’t known of the important role that CSU plays in the lives of many south side residents, although I feel like I should have.)

The Forgotten Panthers by Elena Carter (I learned so much from this amazing reporting; had no idea there had been a Black Panther Party chapter in Nebraska.)

Bernie Sanders and the question of Palestine by Rania Khalek (Very important reporting on Bernie Sanders’ history with regards to his public views on Palestine and Israel. It definitely gave me lots of things to think about with regards to the upcoming presidential election.)

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