About Me

Hello, thank you for visiting my site.

I’m glad to finally have a permanent online home for my writing, after starting and abandoning quite a few blogs over the years. I envision this space as a portfolio for the transformation of my opinions and analysis on the social justice issues that are close to my heart, an avenue for engaging in respectful and challenging dialogue, and an online home where hopefully people will feel inspired to deepen their knowledge and take action on issues they care most about. I also want this to be a joyful space, even though I will write about serious issues, so there will be weekly posts of my favorite songs I’m currently listening to, music videos that showcase Black girl magic/carefree black girls,  a short story or two (if I can finish them), and maybe a few food recipes here and there. I used to think that I could compartmentalize my online life; be serious on the blog but more lighthearted on twitter. That doesn’t work for me anymore. I am a multi-faceted person who organizes against injustice, watches trash reality tv, keeps up with pop culture and considers herself a foodie.

How did I wind up here, in this moment, on the cusp of my 30th birthday? Reading and music led to my love of writing. From the moment I read my first Babysitter’s Club book in the fourth grade, I’ve been obsessed with reading anything I can get my hands on. This led to an obsession with magazines during high school, where at one point I owned probably around 50 teen and music magazines. I also loved music so much that I wanted to write about it, fantasizing about an adult life where I spent my time writing album reviews, attending concerts, and meeting my favorite musicians, while living in a brownstone in Harlem. Even though I didn’t end up pursuing a music journalism career,  in the last couple of years, I have rediscovered my love of writing, with the explosion of blogs and online news sites helping me along the way.

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