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On Disruption…

On the first day of the new year, a coalition of organizers from Black Lives Matter: Chicago, Assata’s Daughters, Southside Organizing Together for Power, and BYP100 traveled around to different restaurants  in Lake View and Wicker Park during the brunch hour as BlackBrunchChi, where they “disrupted” the brunch of the mostly White patrons to create… Continue reading On Disruption…

Activism · Chicago · Police Violence · Racism

for the young, gifted & black of Chicago…

Young Black people in Chicago are amazing. They are brave, fierce, radical and loving. They continually show up and show out in solidarity with victims of police violence. Young Black people in Chicago are in the streets right now protesting the murder of Laquan McDonald by a police officer. As the mayor, CPD, media, and… Continue reading for the young, gifted & black of Chicago…

Activism · Police Violence · Racism

this will be short….

As usual, I was reading my Twitter timeline and I learn that a Black woman from the Black Lives Matter Seattle chapter had stormed the stage at a Bernie Sanders campaign stop. She welcomed him to Seattle, which is actually occupied Duwamish land, and asked for 4.5 minutes of silence for Mike Brown. The reaction from… Continue reading this will be short….

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freedom, liberation and solidarity

2014 was heartbreaking, angering, but also hopeful, and 2015 is shaping up to be similar. The murders of Black people by law enforcement officers, and the lack of accountability these officers have faced for the lives they have stolen, has galvanized a new generation of organizers, activists, writers and artists, who are leading movements with… Continue reading freedom, liberation and solidarity

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disappeared mothers

Yesterday morning, I, along with about 50 other people, held a vigil outside of Division 17 of Cook County Jail, the division where pregnant women and women struggling with addictions and mental illnesses are incarcerated. Hosted by Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration, we remembered and showed love to mothers who are not able to… Continue reading disappeared mothers

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I constantly stayed refreshing my Twitter feed this weekend as people in Baltimore protested the murder of Freddie Gray, a 25 year old Black man, who was stopped, arrested, herded into a police van for a “rough ride”, and emerged from that police van with his spine severed and voice box crushed. He spent a… Continue reading Chi2Baltimore

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Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

Every time I hear Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by R&B duo McFadden and Whitehead, it lifts my spirits. Even though the song was not written as social commentary, it was interpreted that way, and therefore have infused it with a larger meaning. This song especially has relevance for the current moment we are in,… Continue reading Ain’t No Stopping Us Now