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On Disruption…

On the first day of the new year, a coalition of organizers from Black Lives Matter: Chicago, Assata’s Daughters, Southside Organizing Together for Power, and BYP100 traveled around to different restaurants  in Lake View and Wicker Park during the brunch hour as BlackBrunchChi, where they “disrupted” the brunch of the mostly White patrons to create… Continue reading On Disruption…

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A bit of a rant….

It burns me up to hear of Uptown residents demanding that homeless people be kicked out of their “tent cities” in an underpass. I think that people don’t want to be forced to see and therefore acknowledge the humanity of homeless people. Acknowledging the humanity of homeless people also means acknowledging that they are you and… Continue reading A bit of a rant….

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Links Roundup

Powerful news and stories from around the web. The Mother and The Whore by Juniper Fitzgerald-Trust me–a bourgeoisie “anti- trafficking” film party won’t save me from poverty, no matter how degraded you try and convince me I am. And it won’t arm me with the politically and socially radical community I need to fight the… Continue reading Links Roundup

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Perceptions of Violence

Note: I began writing this essay on September 20, 2013 and finished on October 28th. The issues are still very relevant though. 13 people were shot in a park in the Back-of-the-yards community on the south side of Chicago. Predictably, the police are categorizing the shooting as gang related. Also predictably, the discussion surrounding the… Continue reading Perceptions of Violence

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Important News

Scary Negroes with Guns “We must remain vulnerable and look helpless, and when we are abused it’s perceived as our own fault. Guns in black hands are seen as a threat to white supremacy unless they are used to fight its wars to protect its property.” Getting Dumped On: Snowmaggedon, Women’s Health and Human Rights… Continue reading Important News

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My Response to The Atlantic’s Article on Segregation and Poverty

On February 3rd, The Atlantic published this article, “Is Ending Segregation the Key to Ending Poverty?” by Alana Semuels. Below are my thoughts concerning key themes in the article. I welcome respectful discussion and critique of my arguments, especially from people who work on housing issues. “Hard to escape, that is, until Harris got an… Continue reading My Response to The Atlantic’s Article on Segregation and Poverty