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visionary fiction story

This is my second attempt at writing visionary fiction, but the first I’m sharing. Visionary fiction is a term created by Walidah Imarisha, and describes science fiction that challenges normative paradigms and makes space for sweeping social change. I recently finished reading Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements, and it has really… Continue reading visionary fiction story

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another attempt at poetry

Again, I’m going off of adrienne maree brown’s poetry prompts; this one is writing a poem in the voice of someone else, whether historical, fictional or mythical. I’m going to try and write in the voice of Billie Holiday. She was the first artist I became obsessed with; I read every biography, watched Lady Sings… Continue reading another attempt at poetry



Originally wrote this poem sometime in November of last year. Disappear; Synonyms: Vanish, Terminate, Cease Disappeared 60 years you faced for defending yourself against an abusive husband (For Marissa) Incarcerated for almost four years for defending yourself against racist and transphobic violence (For CeCe) Terminated Executed by the state of George for a crime you… Continue reading disappeared

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Women of Color Speak on Police Violence

Ravishly has a series on the invisibility of police violence against women of color, particularly Black women. I am honored to be among the contributors.  Why aren’t we more outraged when police kill Black women?  “These tragedies should be creating uproars in many movements and communities. They should trigger conversations that build bridges between racial… Continue reading Women of Color Speak on Police Violence

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Envisioning a Just World

Truthout has an interview published from Yes! Magazine, “Science Fiction and the Post-Ferguson World: There as many ways to exist as we can imagine.” Mary Hansen interviews writer and activist Walidah Imarisha about police violence and how science fiction, or what she calls visionary fiction, can guide us in imagining a society free of violence… Continue reading Envisioning a Just World